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DW75NC Hidraulinės vamzdžių lenkimo staklės

1. The product is controlled by microcomputer and driven hydraulically and it can bend various types of tube bender with different bending angle.

2. It applies Chinese character display and man-machine conversation operation, and can be operated manually, half circularly or full circularly.

3. It applies hydraulic and electrical elements with high performance.

4. Cooling system with large capacity is provided to control working temperature effectively.

5. The product has characteristics including easy operation, stable performance, high work efficiency and high safety factor and it is an ideal device for tube processing industry.

6. The movable foot switch has three functions, automatic startup, emergency stop and emergency stop continuity, which ensure high safety.

Standard accessories

1. One pair of standard mould (wheel mould, clamping mould and sliding plate mould)

2. One set of common tools

Categories of bent materials

Steel tube, stainless steel tube, copper tube, aluminum tube and multiple-unit tube

Special accessories

Auxiliary pushing device, core rod, wrinkle-proof mould, shaped mould, forming mould


Round tube, square tube, elliptical tube, plum blossom-shape tube, shaped tube, U-steel, angle steel, I-steel and flat steel, etc.

Recommended using units

Automobile spare parts (brake line, bumper bar, silencer and seat, etc.). Industries including motorcycle manufacturing, electromobile manufacturing, iron art, fitness equipment, air conditioning, bicycle, steel furniture, sanitary and bathroom equipment, seats for relaxation, petroleum pipeline, shipbuilding and boiler.


Selection Guide:


DW75NC Hydraulic Mandrel Core pulling bending machine

NC Semi-Automatic Pipe Bending Machine  
The Largest Processing Diameter (iron pipe) mm Φ75*5mm
Max. Wear Heart Distance mm 2800mm
Max. Bending Angle ° 190°
Max. Bending Radius ° 350
The Main Oil Cylinder Diameter mm Φ130
Oil Pump L 25L
Pipe bending speed °/s 90°/s
Pipe Bending Precision ° ± 1°
Motor Power Kw 7.5kw
Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 12Mpa
Can Be Bent Pipe Number Per Set 16
Can Set Fitting File Number 16 * 16
Measurement Size Of Machine (L*W*H) mm 4200 * 1000 * 1300 mm
Weight Of Machine Kg 2700KG
Warranty 1Year