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GD 60-500-830-B Kompresorius


-Compressor with belt drive – two-stage.

-Compressor pump equipped with an exhaust air cooler to keep the compressed air cool. Allowing higher performance.

– Piston compressors in which the engine is connected via a belt transmission to a compressor unit.

-Compressor equipped with an electric connection cable, power supply 400V / 50Hz.

-Compressor has thermal protection to protect the motor against overload.

-Two pistons placed side by side in one cylinder, in-line arrangement.

-A cast iron cylinder guarantees long life and efficient cooling.

-Sealing the pistons in the cylinders with three rings ensures low oil content of the compressed air.

-Easy checking of the oil level through the sight glass.

-Two-stage air compression with the simultaneous use of an air cooler in the interstage compression process, thanks to which we obtain higher efficiency.

-Compressor equipped with a pressure gauge in the tank.

-Compressor operation is controlled by a pressure switch ensuring its operation in the machine.

-Self start at minimum pressure and shutdown when maximum pressure is reached.

-Additionally, the compressor is equipped with an unloading valve protecting the engine against overload and facilitating restart of the compressor.

– Compressed air tank protected by a safety valve and equipped with a valve to facilitate drainage of the tank.

-The use of large diameter bearings in the crankshaft bearing system guarantees their long service life.

Suction capacity [l / min] 830
Suction capacity [m3 / h] 50
Tank capacity [liters] 500
Max pressure [bar] 10
Engine power [kW] 5.5
Number of cylinders [n0] 2
Compression ratios [n0] 2
Energize. power [V] 400
Noise [dB] 82
Rotation [rpm] 1450
width x depth x height [cm] 203x68x140
Weight [kg] 280