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HD 100/500 / 1200VT Kompresorius

  1. Cast iron slow speed compressor pump – HD design, high efficiency, suitable for industrial loads.
  2. Electric motor – HD system, high insulation class IP55, adapted to continuous operation in accordance with class S1.
  3. Pressure switch (pressure switch) with thermal protection and no-load starting system – full protection of the electric motor, soft start of the device.
  4. Highly efficient cooling system – efficient pulley fan, inter-cylinder coolers.
  5. Belt transmission with taperlock system – precise and easy setting of the drive transmission system.
  6. Tank – 100% zinc inside and outside, corrosion protection standard PN-EN ISO-1461.
Suction capacity [l / min] 1200
Suction capacity [m3 / h] 72
Tank capacity [liters] 500
Max pressure [bar] 10
Engine power [kW] 7.5
Number of cylinders [n0] 2
Compression ratios [n0] 1
Energize. power [V] 400
Noise [dB] 80
Rotation [rpm] 970
width x depth x height [cm] 190x60x119
Additional information air treatment plant