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„VMC650 Linear Guide“ CNC frezavimo staklių centras

VMC650 Linear Guide CNC Milling Machine Center

Main feature:
The feed axis machining center for X, Y, Z coordinate control, spindle servo motor powered,magazine capacity of 16. can achieve a variety of disc-type, plate type, shell, Cam, mold and other complex parts in a single setup, complete the drilling, milling and processing a variety of processes, boring, expanding, reaming, tapping,etc. suitable for many varieties, small batch production of complex, high-precision machining of parts to better show its superiority.



Item VMC650
Travel X axis 650mm
Y axis 400mm
Z axis 500mm
Spindle nose to table 90-590mm
Table Table size 800*450mm
Max. load 500KG
T-slot 16mm*3
Spindle Speed 8000rpm
Spindle taper BT40-120
Main motor power 5.5/7.5kw
Feed Cutting feed 1-6000 mm/min
X/Y/Z rapid feed 20/20/20 m/min
Positioning Accuracy 0.01/300mm
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 2500*2000*2300mm
Weight 4200kg