Our services


The development of products and equipment starts with clarifying the customer’s needs and ideas.

We will help you to form the goals of your project, systematize the requirements and criteria, evaluating the rationality and efficiency of project solutions.

Properly generated requirements can then be used in a technical file to obtain CE certificates. In addition, we can prepare sketches of a future product.


Production drawings are one of the most important technical documents used in the production of parts, equipment and other products.

Compared to the 2D design of its predecessors, 3D design drawings are superior because they are created in three-dimensional space, making them convenient to view and evaluate. Based on such drawings and models, it is easier to discuss product specifications and nuances, and it also helps to avoid errors and inconsistencies.

Models created in three-dimensional space allow you to see and test the product before it is produced, avoiding errors and saving time and costs.

Technical and production drawings

Production drawings are one of the most important aspects that ensure a smooth production process of parts. Accurate drawings prepared for the intended production methods determine the successful development of the product and the efficient production process and the result that meets customer expectations.

Product creation / development

Product development is the process by which your idea and vision become a reality. From sketch to final drawing and production.

We will help to create your product and its technology, select the necessary materials, calculate the production price, we can perform product testing.

We will create the tool, part, mechanism, mechanical system and other projects you need.

Production organization

Production organization is a process that requires a lot of experience and know-how. The organization of production consists of many issues related to the nuances of production, the planning of all production chains. In order for production to run smoothly, it is imperative to harmonize the supply chain: materials, standard components, as well as a large number of partners, subcontractors for certain works. Production equipment, machine tools, presses, laser cutters, 3D printers, etc. are also necessary for production.

We are professionals in production organization and subcontract project management. With many years of experience, we will help you create your added value without investing in your own production capacity.

We offer “Factory as a Service” services, after receiving your product drawings, we will select our already audited and time-tested partners, we will produce all the necessary components and assemble your final product.

We will take care of your project from the very beginning until delivery to any place you need.

You will be able to devote your precious time to generating new ideas – ideas that we will implement!

Preparation of advertising material

We will prepare promotional material for your product, we will prepare product visualizations in a three-dimensional realistic environment – the product will be almost tangible, easy to imagine. You will save a lot of time resources and costs. We will make the product look the way you want it to look.